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To access this service you must have an appropriate user code and password. If you need to log a call urgently but don't have a login send an e-mail to to log the call and request access.

ALL passwords for accessing this WWHD site have changed due to a system upgrade to comply with new security standards. Your existing password has been change by capitalizing the first letter and adding '.123'.

Example: 'fredx27' -> 'Fredx27.123'.

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Welcome to the World Wide Help Desk

This helpdesk service will provide you with the services you require to help you control your Helpdesk environment. Powered by the latest Evolution software and technologies the WWHD provides full browser enabled transactions and updates. No software to install, no plug-ins to download, and access from anywhere on the Internet!

There are two types of helpdesk service available from this web site:

  1. Our Helpdesk

    This helpdesk service, provided to our customers and partners, provides the ability to log, track and progress help calls you may have logged with us. Access is provided to the full call details, including comments made by the helpdesk consultants, and it allows you to provide more information if required, upload additional information files for the helpdesk personnel to use, etc.
  2. Your Helpdesk

    This helpdesk system can be configured to act as your helpdesk and will provide all the services you should need. It will allow you to log calls, view their status, provide additional information if it is required, cancel a call, etc. The helpdesk consultants who deal with the calls will see any new calls as soon as they are logged, can allocate the call to themselves, enter feedback, request more information, close the call, etc.
    If the helpdesk call relates to an evolution product or service and your internal helpdesk consultants are unable to answer the question or resolve the problem they can simply re-allocate the call to one of our helpdesks in seconds. It will then be picked up and dealt with by the one of our helpdesk personnel in the normal way, with access to all the information and research already completed.

This helpdesk service is designed to speed up and control your helpdesk operations whether dealing only with evolution or operating your own internal helpdesk through this service.

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